Saturday, May 3, 2008

02/05 Olympic activities II

Okay another update of yesterday's event this time with mainly video and a few more pictures

I posted the Opening clip in part one this is the closing clips of the concert ....... there is no tavia in it it is just Raymond,Ron, Linda,Suzanna,Kate,Moses,Patrick & Bosco singing the TVB Olympic song (They were lip syncing )and some guy singing another Olympic song

Direct DL: Here

Scoop Clip:

Direct DL: Here

TVB-E Clip ( Only raymond's Cut)

Direct DL: Here

Clips Credit: 雪子yuki + bigpig59@youtube

Some More pictures :

Credit: Raymond's Baidu bar

Raymond also updated his blog this morning with two picture of him in the recording studio so please go visit his blog to see the pictures

Also news came out today saying that HK people were complaining that Moses ,Tavia and Fala''s singing at yesterday's event was very bad they were not in tune and didn't even remember the lyrics and poor Kate it was wind yesterday and her dress blew up when she was singing revealing her underwear

Signing Off: Sakura_Drop

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