Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tavia Yeung is ‘salty pork hand’

Translation: Akazukin @

The turmoil of ‘magician salty pork hand’ has not yet ended, one more ‘salty pork hand’ appeared again in TVB. This time, there are photos as evidence, the involved individual can no longer deny.

Few days ago, TVB grand production was filming an outdoor scene in the garden, which included the two main leads, Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. At the site, it can be seen that Charmaine was very focused in her acting. However, Tavia Yeung, who had just won the Best Supporting Actress Award, was playing around crazily. Since Charmaine did not pay attention to her, she played with Charmaine’s female assistant. Although the appearance of this female assistant of Charmaine resembles that of a boy, she is a girl nevertheless. Tavia Yeung forcefully opened her outfit to view her chest, aggressively saying: “Let me see, what is there to be shy about!” Even though both were females, Tavia Yeung should be more reserved in the public!

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