Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore E-Awards

Raymond Lam Currently Filming in China, flew to Singapore on for Singapore E-Awards Celebration Party
Source: United Evening Post, Singapore, 8th March 2009
Translated by: choccho @

Currently filming in China, Raymond Lam flew to Singapore yesterday morning to attend the evening’s Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party. This is indeed a short and rushed trip for Raymond in which his flight was scheduled to depart within 24 hours. Nevertheless, this did not stop his fans who went to receive him at the airport and followed him all the way to where the celebration party was held. Unfortunately, he was only on stage for a fleeting 5 minutes and he did not sing. Therefore, he could not fulfil his fans' expectations.

When Raymond was asked why he did not sing, he replied: “Because I came here as an actor”

Raymond has garnered two awards ‘OMY Web Popular Celeb and SGE Most Popular Hong Kong Actor. In the Television series industry, Raymond is an established and reputable actor and he expressed his hope to release a Mandarin album within this year “Anyhow, Mandarin is still a universally recognised language and I hope this would set the path for me to come over to Singapore more often”.

Raymond hopes to be a versatile artiste, to embrace a variety of skills, "But I will not venture into an area that I am not capable or not having the confidence of doing it, for instance, writing and composing songs, because that is not my area of competence, I can ony read music scores. Therefore, for now I will stay focus and concentrate on improving and developing my vocal skills".

Reporter asked Raymond about having to face a stiff competition with his ‘junior’ Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu who has also ventured into the singing industry, Raymond said humbly “I had only released one album earlier than them, everyone is a multi-talented artiste”

Raymond also said that he will not deliberately search his name on the web, but he will visit his own official website to read his fans’ messages, to interact with fans and to gather feedbacks. As for having a relationship, he admitted that he has always wanted to be in a relationship, however, as for now, he does not have much experience and time just does not permit him to be in one”.

Raymond revealed that he is currently filming a 30-episode modern series in China with his co-actors and actresses namely Damien Lau, Bosco Wong, Cecilia Yip and the leading actresses who are China’s new rising artistes.

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