Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NEXT TV Awards

Magazine scans
yeah even though it is fungyi on the cover but omg Raymond looks like a pimp in that picture with the three girls they all just look so odd on the cover don't like it at all NEXT Mag went cheap this year -_-"'

Award Ceremony
Tavia looks pretty here and her dress is really cute
omg Tavia and Louis is like total win haha good to see Louis presented the award and i wish he was still with TVB so tavia could pair up with him..... buhahaha so funny read the article and said that Tavia was prasing Loius for being so handsome and she requested him to hug her lol so cute

Video Clips:



AppleNews of Tavia & Louis Hug

Winner List:
TOP 10 TV Artist
1.Raymond Lam
2.Ada Choi
3.Tavia Yeung
4.Moses Chan
5.Michelle Yim
6.Linda Chung
7.Ha Yu
8.Charmaine Sheh
9.Lee Si Kei
10.Myolie Wu

Top 10 TV Programs
1.Moonlight Resonance
2.The Gem of Life
3.On the Road
4.Off Pedder
5.Forensic Heroes II
6.Vanishing Glacier
7.Strictly Come Dancing
9.So Good
10.Last One Standing

(this part on credits to Ms.F)
Most promising
Male: Raymond Chiu
Female: Nancy Wu

Other sponsors' award
Hekura Deductive Female character: Fala Chen
Philips extraordinary potential star: Charmaine Sheh
RMK Best skin: Shirley Yeung
Men's Skin Centres by Bella confidence artist: Kenneth Ma
Svenson Healthy hair: Moses Chan


TVB drama freak said...

In that picture scan with Raymond,Tavia, Linda and Shirley. Raymond and Linda srriously look like a couple.. Look at how he wrapped HIS arm around her waist, but his arm with Tavia just looks dead -.-
And Linda and raymond are actually like... Touching eachother with like chemistry... O_o

Carrie said...

I think this cover is the best refelction of Raymond and Linda's relationship. Its the BEST thing that can happen for all RayLinda fans out there. TVBI - how long do we have to wait for Ray and Linda to be paired up again. We long to see duets/series/functions of Ray and LInda. PLEASE TVBI. Thanks Next Magazine for this beautiful cover. PICTURES ARE A THOUSAND WORDS.....Love Ray and Linda. You look so perfect and beautiful TOGETHER.