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Moses & Tavia news

Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung praised each other as "good unit"

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Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung has always been the on-screen sweetheart that always fight with each other. However, behind the screen, they admire each other and even praise that the other party is a “good unit”. They even have the same opinion and pursue towards love. Really a great matching partner!

Personality is more important than money

Although Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung are considered as “electrical insulation” female and male artiste in this field, but actually both of them are pursuing for true love. Moreover, they have the same opinion that outlook appearance and family wealth are not so important. Moses felt that the most important for love is the feeling and Tavia felt that the guy’s good personality is most important and that will be her ideal partner.

A lot of female artistes are struggling to marry rich guy to have an easy and comfortable life and wish to marry into rich family. However, Tavia felt that money is not everything and would rather find an honest guy than a “golden tortoise”. Tavia said, “Of course every woman hopes that their other half has economic capabilities. However, I will not put this condition at my first place. My first condition is whether the guy is kind-hearted or not. Most important are he is a good person, treats family and friends well, sincere and faithful to me and that will be enough. If he is only wealthy, but unkind, unfaithful and only looks impressive from outside but is worthless, the overall is not good.” At the same time, Moses felt that true love will not affected by race, outlook and character. He will not easily influenced by peoples inside or outside the entertainment circles as well. Most important is the feeling and therefore, he will find his true love based on his feeling.

Will not rush to get married and praised each other

Both Moses and Tavia believed that fate is destined. Although they had reached marriageable age, but they are still not rush over getting married. Moses said, “Last time I thought of getting married at the age of 30. However, since becoming an artiste, I know that we cannot be rush in these things. I really have to wait for fate destiny as I do not know when my ideal partner will appears. If I meet my ideal partner, will I announce? I think I will not because I’m a low-profile person and do not like to make my personal matters public. I prefer to make it somehow mysterious feel.” In the other way, Tavia originally planned to get married before 35 years old. However, things are hard to control and therefore, she will just depend on fate.

Both of them officially worked together for the first time in Moonlight Resonance and both of them matched each other perfectly. They even always were seen teasing each other in public event. However, they kept on praised each other as “good unit” behind the screen. Moses even praised Tavia as a good and faithful girl. Moses said, “Tavia is a girl that works diligently and she will always stick to her principles. You will be rest assured if you date with her because she will definitely keep her principles and duty and obeys her boyfriend. Peoples always felt that she is very tomboyish but actually she has her ladylike side. She is someone that is loyal to love.” In the other way, Tavia praised Moses as extinct good guy. Tavia said, “Moses is a very honest guy and he is a very good actor in the eyes of audience. In my eyes, he is like my brother that I can talk to him anything. He is a very caring, considerate and mature guy. He does not like to go clubbing at night and really faithful.”

Avoid rumours to set an example

As an artiste, most important is their healthy image. This will lead to their popularity amongst audiences. Moses and Tavia’s rumours were close to zero. However, Tavia who was rumoured dating King Of Light Box earlier, led to numerous troubles on her. Although Tavia agrees that rumours can increase someone’s popularity, but she does not agree that these rumours to be put on newspaper. Tavia said, “I agree that rumours will increase someone’s popularity. Therefore actually I was lost in less rumours. However, as an artiste, I hope that I can set an example and bring positive signals for other peoples. I will use my acting skills to win audience’s heart and I did not regret that I chose this road.”

Although Moses and Bernice were determined by media as a couple, but he expressed that clever person will not believe the rumours. As an artiste, they should be careful for their every actions and behaviour and cannot take the wrong step. Moses always tries not to go out with girls alone and always keep a distance from the girls to avoid rumours.

"Electrical insulation" female and male artiste with less rumours

Moses and Tavia were described as “electrical insulation” female and male artiste. Both of them entered this field for over 10 years but their rumours were close to zero. Both of them really set an example for many other artistes.

Tavia Yeung’s rumours

Ron Ng – Due to both of them entered this field at around the same time and share the same manager, their relationship was pretty close. When they filmed “The Academy” kissing scene, they were being pointed as using their own real feelings in shooting that scene.

Lam Wai Kit – Since 2004, both of them were always seen together and it was rumoured that the guy was from a wealthy family. Even though he had financial problems in 2007, Tavia still did not abandon him.

Yeung Ji Kiu – Being named as King Of Light Box, it was rumoured earlier Tavia was dating him but actually Yeung Ji Kiu is her sister, Griselda Yeung’s boyfriend.

Moses Chan’s rumours

Flora Chan – It was rumoured that both of them hitched up after the filming of “The Family Man” and Moses was seen visiting Flora Chan late at night at her house. After the incident, Flora clarified that they were just friends. At last their relationship did not continue after that.

Yoyo Mung – When they filmed “Healing Hands II’, it was rumoured that Yoyo fell in love with Moses and took the initiative and asked for his contact number. This led to Moses’s awkwardness and he started to keep a distance from her.

Bernice Liu – Their rumours started when they filmed “Love Bond”. From 2004 until now, both of them did not avoid media and always come out as on-screen couple to earn money. Although they were always seen together, but they still did not want to admit their relationship.

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