Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tavia New endorsor for sports store

yeah Tavia is a new spokesperson for some sports store chain and hse gets paid a 7 figure sum ... anyways i'll wait for someonle else to translate this coz i'm lazy and tired
yay found an article
Tavia Yeung did house chores as an exercise
Translation: Akazukin @
Tavia Yeung had taken a role as the spokesperson of a chained sports store. She expressed that she is completely satisfied at the nearly-7-figure remuneration of this job. She also expressed that one day before the commercial shooting, she had especially went to rest earlier. Tavia Yeung also revealed that she was busy with work in recent years and did not have much time to exercise. Therefore, during her break, she would do more house chores as an exercise.

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