Thursday, November 20, 2008

TVB 2009 Sales Presenation

  • There is a total of 18 sales presentation clips for 2009
  • Tavia has two new series - Palace Scheming(宮心計) and The Horoscope of the Prince (星座小王子)
  • Raymond only has one - Iron Horse finding bridge (鐵馬尋橋 )
  • Ron Ng, Moses Chan & Myolie has the most series with 4 lined up next year
  • Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Charmaine Sheh only have 2 series lined up next year (but i think Charmaine has 3 not 2 series if i'm correct but i dunno that's what the article said) for news and Pictures
Picutre from Sales Presentation

Palace Scheming- Tavia looks evil in the pictures i hope she get to the play villain role


星座小王子 (The Horoscope of the Prince )

鐵馬尋橋 ( Iron Horse finding bridge)


Pictures from Blessing ceremony

More Pictures:2009 Sales Presenation

TaRo fan cam:


Anonymous said...

hi can u plz upload da presentation clips plz n thz i would really like to watch dem da clips r series dat is airin in 2009 rite it would be really nice n kind of u if u can upload dem on ur site/da site

Anonymous said...

tavia have three series next yr if the two new ones does get air next yr da third serie is sweetness in the salt/salt traderz

fungyi said...

the clip isn't shown yet wait till after the 19th when TVB broadcast it on TV then we will have the clip

Anonymous said...

ok thz