Friday, November 28, 2008

Long Service and Outstanding Staff Award

TVB Last night held their annual Long Service and Outstanding Staff Award Dinner .. Tavia and Ron attend to receive their 10 year medal and Raymond is suppose to attend as well but i don't think he made it on time .... okay so Raymond did attend the event but he went really late because his flight didn't make it till late but anyways a fan at Baidu said that they saw Tavia & Raymond hug each other and congratulate each other for gaining to 10 year metal so hopefully there is like a video or picture of it I'll be searching for them
edit:hahahaha i found the scoop clip with the fungyi hug really really omg cute coz Tavia went out to greet Raymond coz he came to the event late
wow i found the youtube clip so enjoy :

HQ Direct Download on MegaUpload thanks to hjk:

Fungyi part translation credits to flor.a

Host: Growing up with Tavia, not only is there Ron but also Raymond.

Raymond: I said that Tavia would definitely be the first person to dash out to ask me why I arrived so late.

Tavia: [playfully] I was going to the washroom, only because they told me to come out to welcome you.

And then Raymond reaches other to hug her.

Raymond: Eh, so. Ten years now.

Tavia: Yeah, ten years.

Tavia runs off,

Raymond: We started as...child stars.

Anyways most the news articles talk about TVB lay-off of about 200 Staff soon due to the impact of the economic crisis and asking artist if they fear that the quality of TVB dramas will not be the same

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Credits:Tungstar ,, Raymond Forest

Cosmopolitan December 2008 issue

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