Monday, November 17, 2008

After TVB Awards

Raymond's Blog update with video and Tavia in the Background

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Raymond Celebrating with fans

TVB Most Popular Award Winner-Raymond Lam

Translation credits:Choccholatte @ AF.Net
Source: Sina
November 16, 2008, Hong Kong

TVB 41st Anniversary Award Presentation was held last night. Every award nominees were present. At approximately 6.00pm, TVB management arranged for the arrival of the artistes who were all seated in 8 vintage cars. Besides that, 400 fans were present at the site to support their idols. There were flashes of lights and banners as a way to lighten up the environment. The first to arrive were last year's TV King and TV Queen, Moses Chan and Louise Lee Si Kei followed by Michelle Yim and Wayne Lai.

Amongst the artistes, Raymond Lam has the largest group of fans and supporters. When Raymond Lam arrived at the site, there was a big crowd of cheering fans with throngs of screamings. The whole place was bustling with noise and excitement.

Raymond Lam was asked regarding him treating the TVB Executives for dinner. He mentioned that Ng Yu and Mani Fok, both are EEG directors were also present at the dinner, they were merely discussing about his plans and work for next year.

Raymond was also asked that whether he felt disappointed that he has lost the TV King award to Ha Yu,
Raymond replied: [I will continue to work hard, I have won two awards, I have done what I could for my fans] After the ceremony, Raymond Lam mentioned that he will celebrate with his sisters and brothers (he meant his fellow colleagues). As for the cast in [Moonlight Resonance], there will be a group celebration later.

Tavia Celebrating with fans

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