Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tavia dances with Moses

Edit:Sorry i fixed the part i didn't understand yesterday after watching the video i realized i translated it completely wrong i'll translate what she said in the video ....please fix the translation if you posted somewhere else

More Pictures : Tavia & Moses ballroom dancing
Translations by sakura_drop
Tavia: Wants all awards

Today Tavia Yeung attended a function in Olympic city for "Food Republic" with Moses Chan and both of them had to ballroom dance together. When dancing Moses Chan has to deliberately protect Tavia from having a wardrobe malfunction. She replied " I fasten all the dress, but the top part of the dress was still loose, so the upper part of my dress would still twist around a lot"

This years TVB award Tavia is nominated for two awards she replied "i want get all the awards, truthfully i won't give way in the competition, so if i get the award then i will be very happy but if someone else gets the award then i will also be happy for them but i will just be extremely happy if i get the awards "

From On.CC
Today Tavia Yeung wore a Low cut dress to attend a function and had to do ballroom dancing. But Tavia's dance moves when dancing was stiff. Later Tavia explained that this is her first time dancing like this in public, also her dress was loose, she was worried that when stepping the dress will fall off so she has to be cautious. Earlie due to having sensitive skin Tavia had a allergic reaction causing her skin to be swollen and have dots. She went to look for western medicine for her reaction, in the short time she has also lost a few pounds.

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