Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tavia & Joe Ma in Donggun for Real Estate Function

Tavia Yeung: winning the award is not a surprise
Translation: Akazukin @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum
Source: tavia.org

Recently, Tavia was in Dongguan posing for the screen, few days ago she was teaching everyone how to cook soup on stage in Dongguan. After winning the award, she rushed to Dongguan to promote luxury home with the theme of “Little Hong Kong”. Tavia Yeung, who wore a short white skirt, played a game of guessing words with the audiences. She also sang a song “Lifetime Beauty” (by Sammi). The happy mood of just winning an award is visible. She expressed, “Being able to win the Best Supporting award is actually not a surprise. However, before, I also feel that there are a lot of unpredictable things in this world. Finally being able to win it, I’m really happy.”

When accepting the interview, Tavia Yeung expressed her respect to Lee Heung Kam, “In my heart, Kam Je is the best, I respect her a lot. She is the Best Supporting Actress in my heart. I also sincerely hope she will get an award.” Talked about her sexy back-revealing dress in the Anniversary Night, Tavia laughed and said, “Because the Anniversary Night is an important event, so I specially choose a glamorous and sexy dress.” She disclosed that she will start filming a new series at the end of this year. It’s a modern series. Before she has expressed that she has wanted to try a villain role, however the character in this series is not confirmed yet.

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