Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Update 28/11/08

TVB Calendar 2009
Raymond in January

Tavia in July

Rest of the 2009 TVB Calendar Pictures can be viewed here :

Tavia candid photos of shooting a new advertisement

More Pictures:Tavia shooting new Ad

New Raymond Pictures

The Next Meal should be Paid by Tavia!
source: MingPao Magazine
translated by ah-yi @ (note: only translated the Tavia/FungYi part)

Raymond, who arrived late and missed the group photo, chose to sit at the table with Tavia Yeung and others. Suddenly, he said "The next meal should be paid by Tavia!".

Tavia heard and said, "I don't mind, but I have to half the bill with Raymond. If he's willing to pay half, then I don't mind."

When Ha Yu and Michelle Yim were going around to toast with others, Raymond walked off to the side and said, "I should walk off for a bit, just in case people think I'm the "main family"(the term you use when you get married)."

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