Thursday, November 13, 2008

MingPao Awards

MingPao Weekly 40th Anniversary Award
Tavia won the Artiste I Support the Most Award - based on Audience votes she was up against 45 other TV stars, Movie stars and singers to win the award congrats to her and so happy to see Tavia fans unit to vote for her to win this awards


Message from Tavia credits to for the translation
I just got back from Dong Guan after a function, and I can't wait to share with everyone how I felt last night!
First I want to thank everyone for your support, having received an award from the MingPao 40th Anniversary ceremony has a significant meaning for me!
Thank you so much to all the readers and netizens who have voted for me, allowing me to stand out against all the other nominees, I'm extremely grateful! Also I got to meet my father's idol on that night, sister Tsui Siu Fung (jie jie), my dad didn't get the chance to meet her, but I did, I was very anxious at that moment, this was not only a meaningful night, but also one I won't forget! Next is the (TVB) anniversary awards ceremony, of course I'd like to return with my hands full, but regardless of the outcome, the most important is to keep working hard (continue efforts), of course your support can't be missed la! Thank you everyone..........

Raymond & Linda

More Pictures:AIGLE爱融入大自然

Article from Appledaily -only translated Tavia's part
Full Article:
Apple has conducts an poll asking 100 Artist who they think should win the awards during the TVB Anniversary Awards

TVB Awards

Tavia Yeung in "Moonlight Resonance" has an outstanding performance, which has gained her the most votes from other artist and colleagues to win Best Supporting Female Artist and Most Improved Female Artist

Tavia received 50 votes for Best Supporting Actress and 53 votes for Most Improved Actress

It is also reported that on the award night the My Favorite Males character role award will be given to Raymond Lam

Results of the Votes all 100 artist:

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