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[Video clip]HOG2 Birthday Party and Info on HOG2's character

Some info on Tavia's character in HOG2 - not sure whether it is 100% accurate.Somebody posted on tvbchinesenews blog and HOG2 thread, info on Tavia and Linda/Ray/Bosco.
This articles was written about the Four Beauties of HOG 2 - Linda,Tavia, Fala & Kate

It seems Tavia's character is very likeable - she is mature, strongwilled, holds on to her principles, very pitiful because of her adopted status. She secretly loves Moses but does not dare to speak up until Kate comes in to woo Moses.

Also would like to add that in HOG 2 Linda will have her own love storyline like in the first HOG so it means most of her problems don't have anything to do with the main family storyline...... also Raymond and Linda were childhood sweethearts but due to LSK & Ha Yu's divorce they had problems and then Linda's character had to study abroad so they went their separate ways until they meet a few years later but due to the time they are unable to get back together ..... then Linda is in love with Bosco but she finds out that he was two-timing her and had a long time girlfriend so she decides to back out of the relationship and didn't want to become the third party like her mother..... so then Raymond & Linda support each other coz they have both been hurt before by other people and i guess thats how they find their feeling again ... Raymond is like Linda's Guardian Angel ....... and i'm happy to hear that Linda doesn't have many crying scenes like in HOG but her love storyline is very moving so she will gain a lot of sympathy ...... Okay doesn't her storyline his time sort of sound like in HOG with the who third party thing??

okay i only Summarized Linda's part and Jaslyn wrote about Tavia part but yeah Kate & Fala's parts are what we already know already nothing new

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another video clip with tavia in it.
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Casts from HOG2 were celebrating Moses, Linda and Suzanna's birthday. Although there is no element of surprises but it is very heart warming.

Moses: They had this very big cake for me. Li Xiang Qin even gave me a Hongbao so i am very happy. my birthday wish is i can find my dream house. actually while i was filming HOG, i bought a house. this time i hope it is the same. the responses for this show is generally quite good even though it hasn't been aired. HOG1 got an award last year. There are quit a no. of joyous things. My birthday, Suzanna Kwan's, Linda's and Kate got an award. so i hope the effect of the sequel will be as good as the first one.

Besides singing birthday day and giving cakes, the crew arranged two hot guys to give Linda flowers. Bosco is sick so the task is left to Raymond.

Raymond: Of course i am embarrassed oh please. There are so many ppl here and i blush easily. Actually their birthday were over already but we did send them greetings on their birthdays. Since the three of their birthdays are quite near and the crew arranged for such a function, we can celebrate it together.

Moses is no weakling. Moses's gf, Tavia and kate presented flowers to moses. also, Tavia teased moses about receiving sms and calls during filming.

Tavia: Actually moses didn't receive sms all day long. but i feel that birthday boy should receive many greetings so me and kate wished that he can receive a lot of greetings and it shows that he has a good personality and many good friends. i wish them a happy birthday here and good health and earn lots of money. i didn't prepare a present for them so here is a kiss from me. muack! happy birthday

other than moses and Linda, Suzanna kwan will be celebrating her birthday in may.

LSK: Birthday parties are always very high, not to mention three celebrations. so all of us are very happy esp me cause i really like this cake.

Suzanna: am really very happy today that they celebrate my birthday in advance. am celebrating with the casts made this event more enjoyable. all of them wish that i will be happy, healthy and youthful always, pretty everyday and this is the most important.

LSK: We will celebrate for Suzanna again in may and give her a present. cause all of us are very busy today as we filmed till 4am yesterday and woke up at 10am so there isnt any time to shop for presents. so this is just a prelude to a grand birthday celebration.there are quite a no. of newly added casts in this drama which includes Li Xiang Qin and Kate who just attained her award.

Kate: My character in HOG2 is quite special because i will be acting as a villain. i am quite nervous as i was reading my script. I told the producer that i don't have much faith in acting out this role. and he scolded me for lacking in confidence. i told him it is a villain role and he told me to just try my best. there is a first time for everybody. this character is quite bad in a sense she will do anything to get what she wants. so i felt there is some difficulty.

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