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Raymond Lam is fine with his role; Moses calls director because he doesn’t want to die

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Soucre: Face Magazine: Issue 45

Date: Tuesday 1st April 2008

Last year’s Heart of Greed was a huge success, which made Moses very popular amongst the audience. Starring in the same series, Raymond Lam did a great job but died earlier on in the show. This year in “HOG II” Raymond Lam will be the main character while Moses will be the second. In the whole 40 episode series, Moses will only appear for 32 and will die in the end. Moses told the reporters “It really doesn’t matter, but I must have a reason to die!” But Moses seemed to be a little worried, because he made 3 phone calls to Lau Ka Ho (the director) to get an explanation for cause of his Death. This time Moses will die, and Raymond will be in all episodes, so if he wants to be the “King” it won’t be too hard!

In the 40 Episodes of HOG II, Raymond will play Szi Kei Jie’s son, and will play Linda Chung’s boyfriend. And “Duk Duk Dei” Moses, this time will play an opposite role. He will have ditch 4 girls, so he wont be as well mannered as the responsible Raymond Lam.

The Reason for Moses’ Death

Moses’ role this time will be more intense than the character he played last time. There were several times where the director asked Moses to re-take many scenes. So far the story has only been written up to episode 26, but the director is planning to have Moses die in episode 32. With no reason to why Moses must die, he is very confused. He called the director 3 times to ask for the “Death” reason. The director had seen how worried Moses was that he told him that the death part will be very important! There will be a reason for it! When it was time for meals, Raymond Lam, Linda Chung, Susanna Kwan had a Japanese meal while Moses went off with the crew to eat.

King Raymond

Even though there was a bit of confusion, now Moses has settled won. On the 27th of March, the crew went to film an outdoor scene at Tsuen Wan. Moses seemed very independent as he was constantly chatting on the phone.......

Face = Face Magazine Reporter

Face: In the series you die early right? Doesn’t that mean you will film very little scenes?
Moses: If I must then I will, but it doesn’t really matter if I die, but there must be a reason behind all this! It doesn’t matter how many episodes I star in!

Face: This year are you hoping that Raymond can become “King”?
Moses: My character is different this time, but I really like it! And Raymond is a really good actor!

Face: I heard that you were really worried about you death scene so you kept questioning the director!
Moses: To tell you the truth, I have never filmed a series where it requires me to die. This is the first time, so I had to ask the director about many things.

Raymond, who is being promoted, said “In this series I will have many scenes, so I have many scenes to display myself!” But the series still is being written as it has only been scripted up to episode 26. So there might be changes. Will Moses die or stay alive?

The Girls

Duk Duk Dei and Sheung Joi Sum, were paired together in the last sequel. This time Linda will be with Raymond, and instead Moses will have other pairings with the new cast such as Kate Tsui and Astrid Chan, and also Tavia Yeung!

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