Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Update

hahaha hi everyone lol
okay sorry haven't been updating some news onto this site for a few day but i'm here with a post post on recent blog update and some new of Raymond

These picture were posted on Raymond's QQ Blog

His also updated his TVB blog on 22/04 with these picture as well

Visit: Raymond's TVB Blog

And finally some HOG 2 Candid filming picture keke so cute loving the family pictures ........ finally am able to see a candid picture with fungyi in it

Picture Credits: TAT's Blog & Raymond forest

and also like to mention that there has been some really negative news about Raymond related to the the deceased Actress Tam Ching
if anyone wants to hears his reply to the issue you can DL it here : VAVAVOOM Radio interview

also news related to the issue can be read here :

but frankly if you ask me i find it quiet rude and absurd that the reporters would come up with something like this to write about .... as if the actress' death wasn't pitiful enough but to bring another person into an issue like this is just sad .... i hope they just let the actress rest in peace and stop spreading nonsense rumors about her anymore

Signing Off: Sakura_drop

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