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FACE magazine vol.48

yeah the magazine just released some picture today
they are old but at least its fungyi

Rumoured couple, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, are once again paired together in HOG2. Last Monday on the 14th, the entire cast of HOG2 were together to help Linda celebrate her 24th birthday. Raymond's best buddies, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong, also stirred up the atmosphere to help Ray give a birthday kiss to his crush girl.

The word is that for the sake of making Linda happy and winning her heart, Raymond offered to pay for dinner and bring everyone to karaoke to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, Linda doesn't seem to share his feelings and even said, "I'm not with him. He's only a good friend!" The underlying meaning is that it's okay for him to treat dinner and give presents, but definitely no way to spend their lives together forever!

Another part of the article.
Raymond Lam is very obvious in his pursuit of Linda Chung, causing the cast of HOG2 to often make fun of him. According to a crew member: "The cast always poke fun at him. Sometimes, they'll raise their voice and say 'Linda's so nice! Raymond, you should consider her!" Last Monday on the 14th, the cast of HOG2 rounded up to celebrate the April and May birthdays of Moses chan, Linda Chung, and Susanna Kwan. Tavia Yeung led the cast to push Raymond to kissing Linda. Reporters also saw Tavia whispering to Raymond, "This is definitely to your benefit!". Even Dai Kai, Li See Kai, said to the reporters, "You guys should give them space for development."

Aside from offering flowers and a birthday kiss, Raymond also secretly gave Linda a birthday present and often sends her sweet SMS messages, hoping to touch her heart. Raymond has a rich family background. His dad has the nickname of "Hing Moon Lee Ka Sing", with his wealth estimated to be around 600 million dollars. It's not surprising that most people would clamor for his affections, however, Linda claimed to Face magazine that her ideal partner is not Raymond.

F: Face
L: Linda

F: People are saying that Raymond is pursuing you!
L: No. (Is there any chance of developing a romance?) We're coworkers. I've worked with him twice already, he's only a good friend!
F: Is Raymond your ideal type?
L: My ideal boyfriend cannot know how to speak Chinese, but must be Chinese himself. In other words, he has to be an ABC. The most important thing is that he has to treat me well. Money is not important!

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=361283813
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