Friday, April 11, 2008

Chen Fala took pictures of reporters


Notice who is behind Ray?? haha. i bet ray just want tavia in his pictures.

Chen Fala took pictures of reporters
11th of April 2008

what stars feared most are the reporters. Everybody wants to protect their own privacy.

Take Chen Fala for example, although she obediently allows the reporters to follow her but she has full protection against those reporters. Last week when the cast were filming HOG2, Fala, Moses, Raymond, Tavia and Chris ran across the road to welcome LSK.

The producer has high expectation for that scene and they have to run across the road about 5 to 6 times. It was torturing but luckily everyone is so spontaneous and everyone doesn’t mind. While they were running, the alert fala actually realized that the reporters were taking photos and she actually follow them and took out her phone and took some pictures of them.

Translation: Irrationally_adept
(Sorry, the translation is not very good. in fact there might be mistakes here and there. my traditional chinese is quite bad actually. if anybody can provide a better translation, do tell me. and pls pardon me if there are mistakes in the translation. thanks)

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