Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HOG 2 Pictures

okay here are some HOG 2 picture i have found in the past few days
i'm too lazy to organized them in section so just put them all into one post
lol sorry it a bit messy
Plus i have to get back to studying soon so yeah
enjoy the picture

This is the latest picture came out today
it was about a rayda scene

These picture are old from the catwalk filming day

And Raymond with a baby so cute

These pictures are from Raymond's TVB Blog

Credit:FROM 民发 2号c
By KA 爱在少爷提供
+Tavia.Org + Raymond's TVB Blog +Raymond's baidu Bar

okay well i got news that the whole HOG 2 cast will be at the concert/performance on fridays to welcome the Olympic torch to Hong Kong its some really big event with many artist going
but hopefully there is so fungyi

Signing Off:Sakura_Drop

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