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Tavia unfolds Moses' wealth

Tavia unfolds Moses' wealth
Tuesday April 8, 2008 Hong Kong

Even though Moses might seem pretty silly to people, he is actually very good with money and investments. Tavia also knows that Moses knows a bit about the stockmarket, revealing his high amount of assets and nicknaming him "Yau Mai Ho" (Wealthy Moses)

The other day, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan and Ha Yu was at Wan Chai's Gold Bauhinia Square to film new series Heart of Greed 2. They were acting a scene where Tavia and Ha Yu were trying to convince Moses to stop obsessing over buying shares. In reality, Tavia knows Moses is actually very good at investing in property and shares.

Tavia says: "I am not good at shares and investing so my mum handles all that stuff. Moses on the other hand is very good with that, he has a good eye for these things even though he acts so silly all the time, he has a few apartments and is very rich. In the future if I have any financial problems and can't find a place to live, I hope Moses will rent one of his apartments to me, so his nickname can be "Baau Jo Ho" (Landlord Moses) or "Yau Mai Ho" (Wealthy Moses).
Thinks like a housewife when buying apartments

Nicknamed wealthy Moses by Tavia he happily replied: "No, don't listen to her (Reporter: She said you're good at investing) I'm just protecting my assets, so I can be comfortable in the future with middle classed assets (Do you have a few properties?) I've only got one apartment, I'm like a houswife, don't want to buy expensive things, I think the property prices are still a bit high (When did you start investing?)During my teenage years I'd spend every dollar I earned, when I first entered the entertainment industry I never got any jobs, to save money I'd walk from Tsim Sha Tsui to Tai Tze (Prince Edward) so maybe because I've been poor before, I really appreciate what I have today."

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