Monday, March 31, 2008

Raymond TVB Blog Update

Today Raymond update his TVB blog with a new video clip from HOG 2 filming and Tavia made a short appearance in it is really cute

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Direct Download of clip on MegaUpload : Clip

Transcript on Blog Clip: (sorry it not that accurate but yeah you guys should get the drift )



R:Today is ahhh… ummm this Scene is talking about our Bakery holding a Function and there are lots and lots of cast members ....... All the cast members wear these .....Come Here(Pulls Tavia into the clip) types flowers (Points to flower in Tavia’s Hair)

Tavia: Well all you have to know is that there are a lot of Pretty Girls with Handsome Guys *Points to screen then runs away *

R: Yes … okay now everyone would have to walk on this T Stage to do the catwalk and wear those umm what are those?? Oh yeah Traditional Chinese Gowns you know those type of stuff … it’s a really big stage and so today we will also be filming the opening (hmm i dunno i think he means either opening theme or promotional clips ) so later the whole cast & crew will pretty much be all here

HUH?/(Stares at stage behind him sees Ha Yu & LSK) Now my mum and dad is up there filming a separate scene.. . .. ....Look!! really big you see look at all the cast … wow it really is a big scene

Transcript by Sakura_Drop

Signing Off : Sakura_Drop

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tvb_4_ever said...

Thanks for posting the translation. I am a FungYi fan too! Luv your blog so much.

If you understand french, plz visit my blog. I will support your blog!