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Moses will die for a worthy cause

Moses will die for a worthy cause
30th of March 2008
Oriental Daily

Moses who attained his Best Actor Award from Heart of Greed is busy filming Heart of Greed 2 currently. But it is rumoured that he will be arranged to die so that Raymond will have more scenes and securing Raymond a Best Actor title this year. Regarding this, Moses expressed that he isn't afraid of fewer scenes cause he isnt pickly when it comes to things like this. He also said that he dont mind to die in the show but his death should be of a meaningful cause.
Moses, Raymmond, LSK, Suzanna Kwan, Michelle, Kate, Linda, Tracy, Tavia, Ha Yu etc… was filming a fashion show with the theme being wedding of the century for the opening scene of HOG2 at this shopping centre yesterday, Many there were wearing gowns and suits filming and there is even one scene where Tracy and Tavia was filming a catwalk scene. There were around 200 extra actors for the filming.

actually it has long been rumoured that HOG2 meant to promote Raymond to attain the Best Actor Award. and according to reliable sources, moses will be arrange to die in HOG2 so that the other male lead, Raymond, can get more scenes. Moses was asked if he knew of the plan for him to die in the show, he said, "Heard the producer mentioned it before but it wasnt really confirmed and i havent even filmed that scene yet." Asked if he is worried of his scenes being reduced, "not really. i heard that even if i die in this show, it would be near the end of the show. Actually i am not really minded of the amount of screentime. the most important is the effect must be good.

It was rumoured that the purpose of reducing your scenes is to give some more scenes to Raymond. "Actually i heard of all the news you mentioned. the both of us are happy cooperating and we are of the same type of person." But moses said that when he first heard he has to die in the show, he doesnt feel comfortable about it. "I never filmed any death scenes before but i must heard different type of things. the most important is to die for a meaningful cause." Talking about filming webbind scene, Moses expressed that he have though of his own wedding too. "Have though of and it need not be a big affair. it would be better if it is simpler. But there must be someone suitable, so i will focus on career first.

Suzanna kwan who was filming the same scene expressed she is so pleased wearing a gown and she sang Tian Mi Mi out loud. She said that she has been filming quite a no. of scenes these few days with high heels so it felt very uncomfortable. She also revealed she is abusing tavia in those few scenes currently and her hand is swollen/aching now.

Kate doesnt wish to get married now
Also, kate who just joined the new production of HOG2 expressed that she felt the bond while filming with them and they will eat a lot before they start work every night. But she is scared of putting on weight so she curbed herself. Kate was teased wanting to get married and she said that many of her friends got married recently but said that it is not the right time for her so everything will have to leave it to fate.


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