Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Angry Onlooker Scares Moses Chan and Raymond Lam

Angry Onlooker Scares Moses Chan and Raymond Lam
Tuesday March 25, 2008

Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen were yesterday filming for their new series in a North Point bakery. The actors and actresses attracted many onlookers, causing chaos and police intervention to restore the peace. In the midst of all the havoc, a female passer-by started yelling and blaming the film shoot for the street blockage. This frightened Moses and Raymond, who both hid inside the store.

Yesterday, the filming of ‘Heart of Greed 2’ attracted over a hundred spectators. As the bakery, where Moses, Raymond, Tavia and Fala were filming, is located on a big road, many onlookers disregarded their safety and stood on the road to catch a glimpse of the stars. The male celebrities, Moses and Raymond were praised by many housewives for being good looking.

During the film shoot, a female bystander was heard screaming, “You guys are blocking the way by filming here. I have not told you guys to leave, so how dare you tell me to leave!” This left police feeling helpless. To avoid further disorder, the actors and actresses stayed in the bakery.

Actor, Moses expressed that the situation was not too messy because they have been filming at the bakery for quite a long period of time. He commented, “Actually, I am quite use to having citizens look on while I film on the streets. (Was there an angry female onlooker?) Yes! I was a bit scared. I worry that the filming has made life difficult for the neighbours. Shooting a drama doesn’t give you a bigger priority but so far, things have been ok. Hopefully we are able to work with each other because there is still a lot of filming to be done. No one wants to be unhappy.”

Meanwhile, Tavia revealed that when filming outside scenes for ancient series, crowds are often attracted. She said, “If we are blocking the path, I do feel sorry.
Hopefully people are understanding.”

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