Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raymond Lam Reveals "Heart of Greed 2"'s Luxurious House

Raymond Lam Reveals "Heart of Greed 2"'s Luxurious House
17th March 2008

Last Friday, a praying ceremony for "Heart of Greed 2" was held. At the moment, they only revealed the participating cast and the storyline, other details are kept secret temporarily. However, Raymond Lam revealed one of the filming locations the other day to satisfy his fans that are anticipating this series.Wide EnvironmentRaymond recorded a clip, "My North Point House", and uploaded it to his blog. He expressed that this scene is most likely to be his house in the series. Outside the house is the street of North Point. With one look indoors, you can see the wide environment, which is more than a thousand feet. It is an absolutely luxurious house. As for the massage chair that he was sitting on is for the actors to relax themselves when they are free. However, when he was talking while introducing, he accidentally pushed the massage chair's remote causing it to fall, even he felt shocked. He immediately returned the remote to its original place with a smile on his face, and even continued to play (toss into air) with the pear calmly, making the situation funny.

Translated by: Reeve @ http://z4.invisionfree.com/raymondlam
Source: Apple Daily
Credits to http://fungfans.blogspot.com/

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