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Raymond Lam: Filming suspended, disinfection of studio is not my fault

Raymond Lam: Filming suspended, disinfection of studio is not my fault
29th of March 2008

Mandy Cho, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Nancy Wu etc… attended SaSa 30th annual dinner yesterday. Guan Zhiwu(is it Raymond Cho) and Raymond Lam attended the event as performing guests. Raymond Lam immediately attracted the attention of many female staffs to take photos with them, appearing to be very popular.

Producer wants to stop filming
Earlier, flu virus has broke out in TVB and Raymond Lam requested the company to disinfect the studio and he was accused of being troublesome. He laughed and explained that the production crew and the artists are from two different departments. Moreover, many people like Moses, Tavia and Linda got sick during the filming. They have to film outdoor and indoor scenes one after another and hence it was very tough for them. The producer called for suspension for a day, in a way the artists can take a rest and the places can be disinfected.

Nancy wont put on padding
Mandy was selected to be SaSa product’s spokeperson for three, four years. She went to the annual dinner yesterday is to boost the morale of the staffs. Regarding the advertisement another artist did was a big hit and it is comparable with Mandy, She said it was a good thing. The company only has three artists, if they can help the company to earn money; it is naturally a good thing. There isn’t a need to worry about rice bowl being snatched, afterall, the both of them have different style. Moreover, her speciality is in movies and advertisements can help her to appeal to more audience, it is a bonus. Nancy wrote a deep V gown for the event but there was nothing to look at. When asked why didn’t she put on padding, she smiled and said, “I prefer being natural and I am worried of wardrobe malfunction and I wont be able to eat in peace. It is the most important to be natural.

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Raymond Lam: I Had Nothing to Do With Closing Down Sets For Disinfection

Last night, Raymond was a guest performer at the SaSa Cosmetic soiree. A magazine article describes Raymond as a troublesome person. The article states that earlier when the flu was wreaking havoc and he wanted to avoid getting the flu when he was filming “HOG 2”. He called Virginia Lok to complain and request the sets be disinfected for his sake. Raymond expressed that he saw the article. He said: “Nonsense! The production department is in charge of the filming. It is a separate department from Ms Lok’s artiste department. The two aren’t related. The company cares for their artistes. Since we are filming day and night, everyone is having a hard time. Louise Li and Tavia Yeung had the cold. Chow Chung even lost his voice. The company wanted to film in HD which makes it more difficult on the artistes. So the company decided to shut down the set so the artistes can rest and they can disinfect the sets.” So he had nothing to do with it.

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