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Flu Hits TVB City Moses Chan and Linda Chung Catches Flu

Flu Hits TVB City Moses Chan and Linda Chung Catches Flu

Recently, the flu is spreading around and not only did little children catch it. But it has resulted in all kindergarten classes to be closed down. It turns out the flu ravaged TVB first. Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung and others fell sick in the studio. The flu travels with an incredible speed and there is a lot of “HOG 2” cast filming together everyday. So there was an order to close down “HOG 2” to protect the health of artistes. All outdoor and indoor scenes were cancelled. All the taping stages and studios were ordered to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The flu is running rampant at TVB. “HOG 2” cast members including Moses, Linda and other crew workers have caught it. Moses is having a burning fever and cold. Linda is vomiting and has diarrhea besides the flu. Tavia is also feeling unwell and fell sick. The situation has made many people worried. Since there is a lot of cast and workers sick, it was announced that the set of “HOG 2” will be closed down. All work was stopped immediately and the cancellation of outdoor and indoor filming. Also, to stop the flu from spreading, TVB announced that all stages and studio to undergo a thorough cleaning yesterday.

TVB’s production resource director Virginia Lok admitted that the set was shut down when asked about “HOG 2” closing down. She also knew about several artistes and workers becoming sick. She said: “Yesterday, March 15, the other studios were also disinfected. The first studio was the “HOG 2” set. Even the air conditioning filters were changed to stop the spreading of the bacteria.”

The two patients, Moses and Linda, joked and denied that they were the source of the illness. On the phone, Moses admitted that he had the cold and fever. He said: “I usually don’t catch colds. Two days ago, I had the cold and fever. I immediately went to see the doctor. I am feeling better now. (But “HOG 2” stopped filming?) It’s good to stop filming because everyone can rest. We usually film in a group. It’s bad that the illness is spreading from one to another.”

Linda said: “I don’t know where I got it. It made me feverous and I had diarrhea and vomited. (But the flu started in “HOG 2”?) Not afraid! Be careful and wash your hands more often. Be careful of what you eat. If you are sick, wear a mask.”

Tavia also fell sick but she revealed that she didn’t get the flu. She was suffering from over-exhaustion when she was filming “Salt Traders”. That is why she was unwell. Tavia was also not afraid even though there are several “HOG 2” cast members and workers sick. She said: “If you are fated to die, you won’t get sick. Not afraid but to prevent the flu, all the cast members ate fruits and drink a lot of soup and water to increase the immune response.”

Raymond Lam is known to have a weak body but he didn’t get the flu this time. He even jokingly said: “Normally I am the first one to fall sick. I was very lucky to not get sick. As preventative measure, I went to get a flu vaccination a couple of days ago. The doctor said that I was late in doing so. (“Is your tabloid girlfriend sick?”) I know. I already extended my regards to her. It is a good thing to shut down the set to disinfect it. This way it won’t spread!”

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