Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TVB Annul Artist Banquet

Unfortunately Tavia Yeung was unable to attend the banquet due to conflict in work schedule

Raymond who went said that in 2009 he would wish to have more opportunity to do more diverse type of music styles and also apart from acting in "Iron Horse seeking bride" he will also be in a series that is a co-operation with Mainland but the series is still is discussion he can;t reveal anything else about the series.

okay i'm not sure but i think Raymond sang and danced at the event well from the news i read they came out in pairs for a new years greeting Raymond paired with Kate Tsui and then there was a couple of artist who sang and danced in which i think it was Raymond & Linda, Bosco & Kate (i saw did some hiphop dance song thing), Charmaine and Kevin but not so sure
i think he did the catwalk again this year

will update more later


Tavia More mag scan

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