Friday, January 16, 2009

Astro Awards 2008

wow another award has come up again
ASTRO AWARDS 2008 nomination list please for those people who live in Malaysia vote for either Raymond or Tavia to win the award ... i don't live in Malaysia so i really don't know how this voting system really works but please visit the website for more details :
Anyways i read from sehseh's blog that the award is held on 21st February at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

Anyways here are the categories that Raymond or Tavia are nominated for:

2008我的至爱角色 (Favorite Character)

谭珠美 Tam Chu Mei(赌场风云 Dicey Business)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT1 D

华振邦 Wah Zhen Pong(岁月风云 The Drive of Life)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT1 T

我的至爱戏势最强大奖 Favorite Drama
赌场风云 - Dicey Business
溏心风暴 - Heart of Greed
岁月风云 - The Drive of Life

我的至爱男主角 Favorite Leading Actor

华振邦 (岁月风云)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT4 J

我的至爱情侣档 (Favorite Couple)

程亮Ching Leung & 常在心Seung Joi Sum(溏心风暴)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT7 B

华振邦Wah Zhen Phon & 荣秀风 Wing Sau Fung (岁月风云)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT7 E

我的至爱极品造型 Favorite Bizarre Character

装”胸”作势俏Mimi (赌场风云 Dicey Business)
To vote by SMS to 33888: WLT9 B

我最难忘的一吻 Favorite On Screen Kiss
Raymond & Linda (Heart of Greed)
Raymond & Charmaine (The Drive of Life)

for more info on how to vote please visit sehseh's blog

anyways lol i hope Tavia wins most Bizarre Character lol what an awesome category would be something new for her to win ........ anyways go all people in Malaysia VOTE VOTE VOTE

Tavia & Ada at MyTV press con

Monday 433

oh and extra pictures of Raymond filming EEG CNY MV

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