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Tavia Update

hehehe i saw this clip on Baidu Bar
its cute of the kid who is going to be in Grand Enterprise he plays Ray Liu and Jamie Chik's son in it .. his really cute and they were talking about how he said he has 8 wives and that his first wife is Tavia and they were saying how he picks the most beautiful person for his wife so Tavia is first and second is Linda Chung ... Anita Yuen is third and Kenix is eight fold

Translation by Sakura_drop
Do NOT Post on AF i skipped some parts coz i didn't know how to translate it

Tavia Interview with Paco
Has worked in the same company for 9 Years. Slowly working up, having quick success and instant gain in today's society is really difficult, particularly in the entertainment industry. Being young and sweet does not guarantee you to have the repayment you deserve. There are some people who give up half way, have been given up or there are those people who are over shadowed by a brighter light. My guest of tonight Tavia Yeung is an exception " Paco I need one more year then i will be able to get my long service medal"(hmmm i'm confused here coz i thought she already got her medal already)

Tavia Yeung has been in the industry for 9 years, a graduate of TVB's 13th acting class, starting off from the bottom by coming out in small roles. But now in "Moonlight Resonance" with the role of "lo nui"and having exceptional acting skills she has gained the audience's approval. This has also gain her TVB's "Best Supporting Actress" and "Most Improved Female" Awards. She said "Paco, I want to take every Award, the most important thing is that i have a chance to take it"

Not a match with Moses Chan??
Honestly speaking i don't watch a lot of TV series, because the time it is broadcasted i would be out. 你話邊有人一路飲威士忌一路睇肥皂劇吖?不過,無睇劇唔代表我無留意早排全城熱爆的 ( dunno how to translate this in english properly). In "Moonlight Resonance" ! Ka, Ho, Yuet, Yuen,Hing ,Chung,Chau out of the seven character, Ah Yuet is the black horse of the race. It is known that Ah Yuet played by Tavia Yeung is the most well received character by the audience making her lead in polls for "Most Favourite Character".
"I did have a bit of a unexpected circumstance, Ah Yuet having such great responses from everyone, I really did not expect this at all". 9 years in the industry from the 13th acting class. After 6 years in the industry she gained a newbie Award, then after waiting for another 3 years she was then able to receive "Supporting Actress Award". I have not been able to see Tavia for a while, beside congratulating her on great acting also congratulate her to be able to make lot of money " In two months there have been many people asking for me for shows and events ,most the event are going together with Moses Chan, I really have to thank partner Moses Chan, but it is only for the drama to have to partner with Moses Chan. But truthfully i did hesitate a bit, i felt that Moses Chan and I don't match, it was hard to act as a couple on-screen, maybe because he and Bernice are such a good match la!! HAHA!!"
In the Entertainment Industry having rumours are hard to avoid, over the past few year Tavia Yeung close to no rumours. The only rumour was with one suspected boyfriend with the surname Nam.

Tavia Yeung says the male actor she matches with most is Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng. Especially with Raymond Lam because we graduated TVBs 13th Acting Class as Classsamte. So when doing a scene together, including those romantic there will not be any pressure.

Tavia Yeung on the Best Actor "Although i support Raymond Lam to get the award, but if Joe Ba (Ha Yu) is in the running he deserves the award, the older generation has outstanding acting skills"

Tavia Yeung does not dare eat raw shrimp. Me?/ lots and lots i can also eat ah! HA HA HA!

okay there are like two section left i didn't translate i don't know if i will since one is about winning awards and the other talks about her roles in MR and Lau Sam Ho

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