Thursday, January 15, 2009

Raymond on JSG & Tavia clears rumours

Raymond on Jade Solid Gold last night .... lol his hair looks funny in these pictures

Raymond & Myolie perform 《唯獨你是不可取替》(Only You Cannot Be Replaced)- originally sung by Andy Hui & Sammi

there is another song he sings with Jade Kwan called 從不喜歡孤單一個

Direct DL of JSG:

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[NEWS] Tavia Yeung clarified that Yeung Ji Kiu is her sister's boyfriend

Source : Mingpao Daily

There are recent reports pointed out that Tavia Yeung is currently dating "King Lightbox" Yeung Ji Kiu and Mr Yeung spent HK$400,000 to buy her a new car. When Tavia attended TVB's 'My TV' promotional event yesterday, she clarified about the rumours between her and Mr Yeung and said that actually Mr Yeung is her sister, Yeung Na's boyfriend.

Tavia expressed that she was being followed by parapazzi day and night and there were even reporters who went to Mr Yeung's office to knock door and took photos. Because of the endless disturbances, Tavia Yeung had no way but to tell out the truth. Before this, she said that Mr Yeung was her friend and did not point out the truth was because she felt that there was no need to disclose her family matters. Her sister and Mr Yeung had dated for quite some time and their relationship was already stable and her family was close with him. This time she borrowed his car and never thought that this had brought them into troubles and led to misunderstanding of everyone. Therefore, Tavia and her sister made their decision to clarify the truth.

Tavia hopes that parapazzi will not chase after her and Mr Yeung anymore. Tavia even joked that next time if she wants to find a boyfriend, she will find someone which is greater than King Lightbox. Maybe Golden Toilet King?

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