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Tavia Updates - mags + SITS

okay just did a quick translation Articles (Don't not put on AF but anywhere else please credit me)
Translation by Sakura_drop

FULL SUDDEN 701 - Tavia Yeung"s CHANEL 09 Hot Lips

Currently in Europe and America a lot of brands have been holding 2009 Summer and Spring Fashionshows this has enable beautiful females to know what type of make-up and fashion are going to be In for the season. The most sought after brand in Hong Kong is CHANEL's new Lip gloss. This year's TV Best Supporting Actress Tavia Yeung (杨怡) has model CHANEL's Two hot brand of Lip gloss that have been sought after by many Hong Kong females.

Tavia's Lip Protection tips :
This year for fashion for the lips the lip gloss has a different texture, I have been filming recently so i would have to put on a dark shade of lip stick. After I would have to removes the make-up completely to do this I would first use a sensitive Eye & Lip Make-Up remover product then at night before sleeping I would first apply a layer of Vaseline on my lips and then do a simply lip exercise that will give Natural Pink Lips.
Nude Lips has been popular for several season already but of 09 for the healthy lip looks different shades such as brown to natural pinks will be popular but hot pink should be avoided.
POkay yeah there is more to the article but it;s too long and mostly about other beauty stuff like eyes and cheeks etc so not going to translate anymore to read the rest in chinese Here:


Suddenly Weekly 701 - Tavia Yeung's fast love for Lightbox king
oh please don't repost this article anywhere it isn't very nice i don't like it but just thought some fans would like to read it(okay this article isn't very nice but i'll translate some bits of it)

On tuesday 30th reporters went to visit Tavia which caused her to be very stunned as they asked her about her new lover interest Yeung Ji Kiu (楊志翹) she told everyone that her romance life is a secret.

This year 29 year old Tavia Yeung in "Moonlight Resonance" with 10 years of being is the industry has finally won best supporting actress beating out Fala Chen and Kate Tsiu.

Tavia Yeung pervious boyfriend of 4 years from outside to entertainment circle Nam Wai Kit was recently spotted with his old girlfriend Faye. It is known that this made Tavia very angry and a few months ago to official break up with him. Not to worry about breakup Tavia have quickly moved onto a new boyfriend who is the Young Talented Yeung Ji Kiu the lightbox advertising king. The new boyfriend is said to have thrown out 400,000 to buy a new sports car for his girlfriend as a gift for her wining the best supporting actress award ( gosh this is bs they always say Tavia uses her bf to buy cars)

Tavia Yeung currently acts as first female lead in a series with Steven Ma called "Stars of Love"has been very low key recently filming the series. It is known that Tavia and new boyfriend Yeung Ji Kiu meet 6 months ago through Tavia's sister Griselda Yeung Na's friend gathering. Although at that time Tavia was still with her previous Boyfriend they had exchanged msn and facebook accounts. He has smsed her everyday asking about her day. Then 3 months ago Tavia's heart was broken when her ex-boyfriend was caught together with Faye. Despite being at rock bottom after the relationship this has allowed the chance for "Double Yeung". At 6Pm on 21st Yeung Ji Kiu and Tavia yeung were seen together at Tseung Kwan O.

okay the article is long but just talks about how he picks her up from work and seeing his car parked in front of her apartment at night and just Tavia denying all rumours of new boyfriend and stuff. And other things about Moses & Tavia being new fave on Screen couple.

This guys is said to be her New boyfriend Yeung Ji kiu 35 years old

Sweetness in the Salt Stills


Anonymous said...

Stars of Love"has been very low key recently filming the series.WAT DO THEY MEAN BY LOW KEY??

Anonymous said...

( gosh this is bs they always say Tavia uses her bf to buy cars).I NO IS BS! tavia said so herself dat she is gonna buy her self aa car wen she earns enough money so she dosen't need anyone buyin it for her especially da rumor bf

fungyi said...

hmm yeah sorry it means that tavia has been low key as in no news of her since she is filming stars of love