Saturday, August 9, 2008

Random Update -2008/08/09

Raymond Updates:

Suddenly Weekly 13th Anniversary - 2008/08/02
Okay trying to remember what Raymond said at this event. I think i he said something about being very busy lately with recording his album and attending function and that since the whole of this year he will be busy he won't be driving a lot hired a driver?/ so his plan of getting a new car will have to wait till next year since he doesn't find a need to buy a new car right now if he won't have anytime to drive it anyways

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Olympic Stars @ Disneyland - 2008/08/06

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Disneyland 08/08

Tavia Update:

TVB August Birthday Party
Damn the reporters keeping asking her about her rich boyfriend all the time. I thought they were over asking her these question but at the party they kept asking Tavia whether she will be spending her B'day with her BF -_- she said that she doesn't have a BF and that she has many males friends and wouldn't mind have a few more pursuers. Also Tavia mentioned that next month she will be busy going to Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand for TVB promotions.

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Moonlight Resonance Update:
News came out yesterday that episode 8 of MR where Ho Ma went to see Jo Ba peaked at 40pts i think it even went to 41pts but only 40pts will be recorded because the rating has to say at that point for a few minutes(i dunno how many minute) for it to be counted anyways episode 8 averaged 39pts. Also Moonlight resonance will continue to be shown on TVB Jade channel during the Olympics but not on the TVB HD channel

Some Magazine scans for next weeks episodes:

AOD preview for eps 11-16 can be found here on baidu : Raymond's Baidu
They are direct DL sharebig files i haven't DL them myself coz i find those preview give way to much away i would jsut rather watch the series

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