Tuesday, August 5, 2008


MR function - 08/04

Direct DL of Scoop clip
Really funny Tavia kept saying how all the guys should be more like Vincent and she was like his my Baby and Vincent was like me and her forever and tavia screaming and stuff and you see Raymond standing there shaking his head and rolling his eyes like she so isn't yours forever Vincent LMAO

News article: Here

More Pictures at the forum : here

TVB Weekly vol.580
TVB will only broadcast up to eps.09 this week as Friday is the opening ceremony of the Olympics and all TVB programs will not be shown but as for going on a 2 weeks break for the Olympic I'm not sure but i think TVB will continue to broadcast their shows but i will keep you guys updated if the news is not correct

Moonlight Resonance MVs

Suzanna Kwan's MV which includes lots of MR footage

Raymond Lam - Love is not enough MV (TVB version) nothing related to MR in it

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