Friday, August 15, 2008

Poll held for MR, organised by Apple Daily

Appledaily is holding a poll for MR for the best artist, (unsure of the second one), the most lovable character and the most hated character. PLS help vote for Tavia and Raymond for the first and third section. It is very simple. just fill up any name you want, any email address you wan and the security code next to the box. The poll will end on the 18th of Sept

Btw, i saw this blog entry by one of the working crew/artist at

It talks about his/her interaction and observation with all the artist.
I have to make a point here first. The blogger stated that it's only her/his own observation and definitely does not represent every body's views. The credibility is up to you to judge.
But i will translate this line taken from there
Note: Not to be taken out of SimplyFungyi for fear of attacks upon Tavia and Raymond again.

But it can be seen that she is the most easy-going in the crew. Moses, Raymond and Vincent always joke with Tavia as if they are all brothers.


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