Thursday, August 14, 2008

MR plot revealed. TVB has issued everybody not to reveal the ending. KA and Yuet's death still a mystery

It was rumored that Ah Ka(Moses) and Ah yuet(tavia) will die in MR. Tavia, Moses and Lee Xiang Qin has been added into the death list

It was rumored that Moses will have a heart attack due to losing lots of money in stocks. However, the producer changed the plot at the end.
Moses has just got together with Tavia when she realised she has an incurable disease. Whether or not Yuet (Tavia) will die in the series is still a mystery. The HK magazine speculated that TVB will hold another poll to let audience to decide their fate.

However, it is after all as the title suggest, a reunion. There will probably not be a sad ending. Btw, there will not be two ending as suggested by many ppl. Monday's ratings is 33 points.

I tot clearly Ah Ka and Ah Yuet will not die in MR since there are photos and articles to prove that but TVB kept misleading us that fate is still a mystery.

New Magazine Scans

It's regarding Ray beating chris up because chris side with Michelle instead of LSK.

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