Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing Olympic Show & Music on fire

There is currently a showed call "Cheering the Beijing Olympic" or something like that that is filmed in Shanghai broad casted on Dragon TV everyday that the Olympics are on. Everyday there are different guest and TVB send one of their artist to represent them each day. Raymond appeared on the show on the 12th and Tavia appear on the show on the 13th.
On the 12th when Raymond went on he did a bit of dancing and sang "finding you in loving memories"


Show Offical Picture:

Credits: As stated & raymond baidu bar
Tavia clips thanks to firecookies for finding them

Singing Teresa Tang - 我只在乎你 ( I only care about you) ... i like Tavia's version of this song it's really nice it's the same song she sang in Malaysia last time


Show fan taken Pictures:

Credits: Tavia.Org

Raymond & Vincy on TVB8 Music on Fire

Credits:As Stated

New MR NG Clip

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