Friday, December 19, 2008

Update mostly raymond

wow sorry for not updating ... but really Christmas is kicking my arse this year don't have time to catch on fungyi stuff anymore but yes here is pictures and stuff i got a few days back enjoy!!!! anyways i think updates will continue to be slow until New Years so sorry about that.... plus kind of going into a fungyi drought again which is sad


08/12/17 - Gucci Opening

More Pictures:08/12/17 - Gucci Opening
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

08/12/17 - Expo Shanghai China

More Pictures:500 Days to Expo Shanghai China

08/12/15 - Jade Solid Gold election 3rd Round

More Pictures:08/12/15 - JSG 3rd Round
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

08/12/08 - METRO function

More Pictures:08/12/14 - Metro Function
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

iWeekly no.581

Extra Tavia H2O+ Pictures

News Article: Tavia Yeung to be a happy person

A/N: yeah i haven't DL any of the clips so i have no idea what they are about lol

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