Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SFY Activities

Okay Posting an Announcement from Mango about the "Secret Santa" Activity : The date to join "Secret Santa" has been extended by 2 days now since the SFY forum didn't works for some members so now the DEADLINE is December 10
For those people who want to join "Secret Santa" but can't access the forum you can fill out a form with your

On this blog and Mango will sent you back an e-mail on Dec 11/12 about your partners for SS. The gifts should be made in about 2 weeks roughly and sent back to mango by PM on SFY Forum OR send the gifts and who your partner is to Also the amount of gifts should be reasonable and if you can't join for whatever reasons, please inform mango before the deadline because if you tell her after December 11/12, the partners are already given out and she don't want someone to not receive a gift
Anyways please come join in with the fun

Well it is near the end of the year and some members of SFY forum have come up with some exciting activities that all fungyi fans can join in for fun and in celebration of the jolly season.
Currently there are 3 different activities that SFY are currently planning and it would be great to have as many people join in as possible.

Raymond's Birthday Project 2008

Simply Fungyi Secret Santa

The Official SimplyFungYi Calendar 2009

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