Friday, December 5, 2008

The Stars of Love Costume fitting

Astrology of Love/The stars of Love[which ever you think sounds better] (占星情緣) Costume fitting

Okay well there are a few articles out but I'm just gonna merge them all and try to translate them but yeah some of the word are hard to translate to English because it a play on words in Chinese so yeah so if anyone can help please do .... please don't post in AF news section until i have fixed the translations
translation by sakura_drop
article from On.Cc & Appledaily

Tavia Yeung playing the role of a Virgo gets teased

Tavia Yeung(楊怡) today appear at TVB city for the costume fitting of TVB new Series "The stars of Love" ( (占星情緣), the theme of the series revolves around Horoscopes and in the series Tavia represents her own star sign by playing a Virgo girl causing her to be teased by Micheal Tse(謝天華) and Lau Dan( 劉丹)

Micheal Tse jokingly said "It is a good honour to be able to be a Virgo star sign, now a days it is hard to find a virgin......Virgo"(okay so i fixed it but it still doen't sound so right in English so basically the word 處女 means virgin but if you add the word 座 behind it making 處女座 it means virgo ... so micheal joking says virgin then adds the word 座 after a long pause to mean virgo yeah if you get what i mean)。

Lau Dan joined in by saying " This world really does have every possible strange thing, today i just found out that Tavia is a virgin .... Virgo what" causing Tavia to be very embarrassed.

In the series Mandy Cho(曹敏莉) & Micheal Tse will have a love storyline together.

After the costume fitting Tavia has to rush to the airport to make a flight out to Malaysia for some promotional activities.

More Pictures:Astrology of Love Costume Fitting

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