Monday, December 29, 2008

TVB CNY cards

wow i haven't updated in 10 days that's a long time hahha sorry about that. Anyways i'm still in holidays festive mode until after New Year lol

But yes just a short update coz i'm not up to date with Fungyi, Tavia or Raymond's news lately so really don't know what is happening to them right now
but just want to mention that TVB has warehouse "Sweetness in the Salt" but it will air on Astro and Internationally in January 5th taking over "Pages of Treasure" time slot ... TVB instead has chosen to air Royal Tramp (AKA Duke of Mount Deer) are mainland series that is quiet popular .... but hopefully TVB will choose to air "Sweetness in the Salt" in Hong Kong at later time but who knows TVB has been airing less and less ancient series lately as it appear it doesn't appeal to the HK audience and most the ancient series get really low ratings

Oh and TVB Chinese New Year red pockets for 2009 and once again TVB chooses to leave Tavia out of it -_- so disappointing

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