Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tavia's response to the rumours btw Fungyi

23th of Nov 2007
Tavia denied holding hands. (Note: Again, it is an excerpt of the article which mentioned about Fungyi)

Raymond Lam thanks TVB for giving him the time to release a CD and hold promotions. Regarding the award ceremony end of year, Raymond was asked whether he has confidence. “Should be.”

On the other hand, Tavia Yueng attended an event with Bosco Wong last night. When she was asked regarding the news clip circulating on the internet, Tavia was shocked, “there is? I don’t really have any impression, it should be for congratulation.” Bosco wong helped tavia and protected her against those rumours and explained that when the event is in chaos, he will hold Tavia Yeung’s hands and protect her, and demonstrated it by interlocked his hands with Tavia’s.

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