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Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam spotted holding hands during TVB 40th anniversary night

Thursday November 22, 2007 Hong Kong

Came from the same training class, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam collaborated many times together and they acted as a couple in Twins of Brother.

The TVB 40th anniversary awards night ended smoothly and as always, there are rumours before and after the show. Heart of Greed, the grand production, took away the best drama of the year. This was commented to be one of the least possible rigged awards. However, Ling Ling (the newspaper) looked through the TVb forum and realised netizens posted a short clip of the anniversary awards night that was shocking.

Holding hands secretively

Letting go of hands suddenly

Acting as if nothing has happened.

Something is going on.
In the clip, Heart of Greed producer, Liu Jiahao went on stage to give a thank you speech. After thanking TVB, he thanked the crew and the artists involved in the show. At this moment, the carmera moved from the right to the left filming the artist’s expression and fanciful clothing, but was shocked to film Raymond Lam holding Tavia Yeung’s hand tightly as if there are many things he wished to say. But when the both of them realised that the camera is focusing on them, the two of them let go of their hands looking very embarrassed. Since the camera moved at a rather fast speed, the viewers who watched it live might not be able to spot it.

Actually Raymond lam and Tavia Yeung knew each other for very long already. They are classmates from the 13th batch of TVB training class and collaborated in many series like Golden Faith, Twins of Brothers and Face to Fate etc… The two of them filmed Eternal Happiness in 2001 and had rumours then. During that time, they went to mainland to film and went back separately from the crew ater by 2 days. They are laughed by the crew as having a relationship aboard. The netizens are supportive of the two of them holding hands.

Source: 蘋果日報 (Oriental Daily)This news is true, not made up by fans.

Raymond lam and Tavia Yeung holding hands clip


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