Sunday, November 25, 2007

Asked if Fungyi are dating in real life.

Exerpt of Raymond's Radio interview.

24th Nov 2007

Asked if Fungyi are dating in real life.

At first they basically discuss how Raymond entered the industry, through 13th acting class and etc. etc. Slowly moving into congratulating Raymond for winning Mainland award at the TVB awards ceremony, who would he thank when winning. And then slowly moving to the CD album covers, as well as incorporating bits of his filming. And then there's this weird act of something that mentions Raymond's past, how he dropped out of Uni halfway, but his english is better than alot of others, and they're still carrying on with the act. Everything goes back to normal after a break, and his music is discussed once again, still no mention of Tavia though. Okay, now near the end:

Alex=DJ; -reciting fax from fan: Are raymond and tavia going out?'

Raymond (laughs hysterically): It's really funny, she must've seen it on a certain news source. Those pictures that were captured, exactly that night -mumbles a bit, gets interrupted

Alex: I'm not lying, it says that (dating) in the fax.

Raymond: I know, but do you know what had happened?

Alex: what happened?

Raymond: They took the photos and said that, eh me and 'ah yi'(tavia) were on stage when HOG won best series award, mentioning that when the camera was turning to their direction, they saw tavia and my hands interlocking and then once that camera was on us, we let go immediatly.

Alex: Ohh...Then why did you hold her hands (interlocking) out of nowhere?

Raymond: Because just slightly before, -mumbles- got an award, tavia and I have known each other for a long time, in fact graduate from the same acting class, when she walked onto the stage she congratulated me and thus I thanked her, and once I wrapped up my thanks the camera had turned to our direction.

Raymond: And, everyone has to take a second to think, it's not just when the camera turns that implies that someone has seen it(hand holding). There were a few hundred(emphasized) people in the audience that saw. We were very natural in congratulating each other so-

Alex: Like brother/sister (sibling) relationship.

Raymond: Yeahh,'s pretty cute.

Alex: But I personally sense that you can get 'girls' whenever, like out of nowhere pops out 15 females.

Raymond(shocked): I wish, I do wish to date but even like this when 2 friends hold hands there's rumours flying everywhere, there's no personal space or chance to expand and find a relationship. (I think he brought it back to him and tavia thus 'even within 2 friends)

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