Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Excerpt from Ray's radio interview on 7th Nov 2007 "clarifying" the rumours btw Fungyi.

Not a news but excerpt from Ray's radio interview on 7th Nov 2007 "clarifying" the rumours btw Fungyi.

Raymond: before the news was out, I saw it in my fanclub's website video clips of the incident. the reporters normally takes 1-2 days to surf the net to find the news. When I saw it on the forums I was like 'woah...they caught that?!'
Host: you sound sluttered, maybe you should slow down and think carefully before you answer since this is your rumour
Raymond: I need to make sure I'm clear too so nobody is misled
Host: I've heard Tavia has a boyfriend
Raymond: yes ar......I heard so
Host laughed
Raymond laughs guiltily
Raymond: aiya you nearly had me there' (Ray accidentally spilling Tavia has a boyfriend to save himself)
Host: Why Tavia was holding onto your hand? Cos like everyone is just standing around
Raymond: Because eh..because girls and guys are seated separately and we know each other for a long time since training school...13th graduate group so I know her for 9 years so on the stage, she congratulated me so I held her hand to say thank you. Because we share a close/true friendship
Host : Like brothers?
Raymond: Yes ar...
Host: Tavia has brothership with a lot of people...
Ray changes the subject to saying: and we didn't let go because of the camera...there's heaps of people in the audience thank you...we are very open" [there's a slight repeat of the fact it's after him winning awards so it's congratulating]

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