Friday, April 10, 2009

Tavia on Sister Issue 878

Tavia Yeung – After 10 years

Friendly is priceless

The time is nearly 11 pm. After the interview, Tavia Yeung said thank you in a good manner and her smiles still maintained on her face. She is indeed a friendly person (Is it because I have the same surname with her as she has already noticed that when I gave her my name card?) and she took the initiative to shake my hand.

Looking at her friendly expressions, I asked her, “Do you have any close friends in the entertainment industry? Did you go out with Raymond Lam and Moses Chan privately before?”

Tavia Yeung turned towards her manager a while and said, “They are my male friends. Raymond and I were friends for many years. We graduated from the same training class. As for Moses, he is just like a big brother for me. He is someone that I can sit down and chat with him. Normally I will go shopping with Christine Ng, Jessica Hsuan and others. Actually I’m someone that easy to make friends with and someone that easy to chat with.”

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