Saturday, April 11, 2009

Raymond on Club Sparkle

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng & Michael Miu are the guest this week for TVB show Club Sparkle which is a talk show that discuss certain topics of the entertainment business each week.

brief translation of articles do not take out of SFY

Raymond Lam Denies rumours that he is dating Linda Chung
Raymond Lam accepted an interview with Club Sparkle, Sandra Ng asked him questions about his rumours involving Linda Chung. He said " I am not dating Linda Chung, even colleagues have asked me your rumours are they real or false, but if the audiences accepts this is also a good thing". Raymond also revealed that in June he will hold a concert and is shooting poster photos, the theme is something a bit sexy, therefore he is trying hard to keep a fit body.

note:about the accepting thing i think he mean that it good to see audience accept the on-screen Rayda couple .... i think topic for this discussion is entertainment rumours but have to wait for the broadcast to see

More Pictures : Club Sparkle

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