Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Chinese Language TV Award Show

It is going to be held on 3rd May 2009 at Beijing Exhibition Centre
Hosted by: Ent.QQ, Baidu and CCTV-3
Nominations List that include Raymond or Tavia
Best TV Series: 《Chuang Guandong》 《Moonlight Resonance》 《Fated to Love You》
Best Director: Zhang Xinjian 《Chuang Guandong》、Lau Ka Ho《Moonlight Resonance》、Chen Ming Zhang 《Fated to Love You》
Best Screenplay: 高满堂、孙建业(《闯关东》、张华标、薛家华《家好月圆》、杜欣怡《命中注定我爱你》
Best Actor: Li YouBin 《Chuang Guandong》, Sun Hong Lei 《Lurk》, Chen Guo Kun 《The Legend of Bruce Lee》
Best Actress: Joe Chen QiaoEn《Fated to Love You》, Michelle Yim 《Moonlight Resonance》 , Chen Yao《Lurk》
Best Supporting Actor: Raymond Lam《Moonlight Resonance》, Du Yu Lu《The Qin Empire》,Wang Kuirong 《Chuang Guandong》
Best Supporting Actress: Song Jia 《Chuang Guandong》,Che Yong Li 《The Province Governor and His Daughters》, Tavia Yeung《Moonlight Resonance》
Best Theme Song: 《家园》、《九十九次我爱她》、《无心害你》
Best TV Couple: Ethan Ruan & Chen QiaoEn 《Fated to Love You》, Sun Hong Lei & Chen Yao《Lurk》, Ha Yu & Michelle Yim《Moonlight Resonance》
well yeah MR is basically nominated for all categories except Best Actor

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