Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hong Kong Star Raymond Lam is Fluent In Taiwanese

Hong Kong Star Raymond Lam is Fluent In Taiwanese
20th May 2007

Raymond Lam, who went to Taiwan to promote his series "Face to Fate", met one of his "people"! Raymond's actually from Xiamen, and was fluent in Taiwanese. When he was at the radio station, he found out that the host Ng Kin Hang was also from Xiamen; the both happily chatted. A Hong Kong star actually knows how to speak Taiwanese; Raymond Lam's in "Face to Fate" which is airing on TVBS-G at 9pm. He especially flew to Taiwan for promotions and showed his Taiwanese skills, which amazed many others, because none of them thought a Hong Kong star would be able to speak it. Raymond laughs, he's 100% from Xiamen, and returned to Hong Kong for his career; in Hong Kong nobody speaks his language, so going to Taiwan gave him a change to speak it. Raymond accepted the invitation to a radio show hosted by Ng Kin Hang and the two of them realized that they came from the same place, and Ng regretted for knowning Raymond so late, because Raymond's father is Lam Wah Kwok, Ng says, "I should have known you earlier, I could have been rich!" Raymond also says, besides Ng Kin Hang, another person that's from the same region as him is Ng Man Dat, the famous actor. Raymond explains, in Hong Kong, nobody can communicate with him in Taiwanese,in the 8 years of being an actor, he only spoke Taiwanese to Ng Man Dat. When the two of them were talking, they realized that they were both from Xiamen, and Ng Man Dat's region was very close to Raymond and could have swam there.

credits: Raymondforest
translated by: VickieThe Beehive

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