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Cast of 'Heart of Greed' Celebrates Susanna Kwan's Birthday

Cast of 'Heart of Greed' Celebrates Susanna Kwan's Birthday
May 4, 2007

TVB's "Heart of Greed" had filmed earlier in an abalone store and the owner invited the cast and crew members out to a special abalone and red wine banquet earlier, also celebrating Susanna Kwan's 49th birthday. Those in attendance included Lee Si Kei, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong. For her birthday wish, Susanna hopes for good health and world peace.

Susanna has had her fair share of gossip recently, firstly with rumours of animoscity between her and Lee Si Kei and then suggestions that she has been living off entertainment tycoon Cheung Yiu Wing for twenty years. In response, she says lightly: "The animoscity is between our characters in the storyline. (Do you know Mr Cheung well?) Of course I do, we have known each other for so many years and he has helped me to release my album and hold my concert." She insists that she will just laugh off the rumours and treat them as the offshoot of the popularity gained through the series that is causing the gossip. She adds: "I hope that they will just let it drop, he is a senior and an older person, so please give him some space. (Will you apologise to Mrs Cheung?) No, you wrote it, so it is nothing to do with me." Asked if she has any courters, she says she does not, but she is still living very happily especially after returning to filming series in Hong Kong, when she has been able to work with two of the senior ladies, Liza Wang and Si Kei. This makes her feel very fortunate and she is very happy working with such a big group of people, so she hopes that "Heart" will have a sequel. Asked how the deceased characters can come back, she says: "We can film another series with the same cast."

As well as the stories about her and Susanna, Si Kei has also had reports that she is living like a pauper and has to buy clothes costing just a few dollars. She says calmly in response to this: "It doesn't matter, maybe they just want to fight for readership. I will not get angry, maybe people will treat me even better!" She also reveals that as the cast of "Jewels Splendor" are away filming in Thailand, she has four days off because she does not have to go. Originally she had planned to go to France for a short vacation, but she does not really have enough time, so maybe she will go to Shanghai with a friend instead. Talking of the good ratings for "Heart", which reached a peak of 34 points and an average of 33 points, Si Kei agrees that the reviews have been very good and as for Susanna's suggestion of a sequel, she says: "My character has died, how can we do it? However, the cast and crew were all very happy, especially Ha Yu and Louis Yuen who really brought out the atmosphere."

Tavia and Moses presented some jewellery and red wine to Susanna as a birthday gift and Moses explained that as he did not have time to go shopping for a gift, he chose a bottle of red wine from his own collection to present to her. As for recent rumours that Linda Chung has been 'sticking' to him and he has been giving her lifts, he smiles: "I have not given her any lifts, even if I did, it was 'dak dak dei' (his character's nickname) who was driving her." Moses admits that he is the rumour kind, so when he sees other women, he will move away to avoid any more gossip.

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