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Heart of Greed" Reaches Finale Week - TVB Pledge To Reunite Cast In New Series

Heart of Greed" Reaches Finale Week - TVB Pledge To Reunite Cast In New Series
May 28, 2007

TVB series "Heart of Greed" will be airing its final episode on Friday and a celebration party was held yesterday for the cast and crew, attendees included Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong and Linda Chung as well as executive Catherine Tsang, who promised that the cast would be reunited once again for another production, saying that no-one would be left out.

The hype around the series keeps on growing and ratings last week averaged 35 points, peaking on Thursday at 40 points, pulling in 2.5 million viewers. As well as opening the champagne to celebrate, they also took a guess at the finale ratings to pass 48 points. As for the steady rise in viewers, Tavia and Linda were both very happy. Tavia has decided together with Bosco to take everyone out for a buffet, whilst Linda will be chipping in with Raymond Lam to pay for karaoke. As for the pledge from Catherine for another series together, they all joined together and said: "That would be the best!"

Catherine also wished Bosco good look for the Thailand release of his series "Devil's Disciple" in Thailand as Bosco and Kevin will be flying out to promote the show and record the Thai theme song tomorrow. Bosco says: "I have to do 20 interviews in 3 days, so I have to take over ten outfits. Fortunately I have my sponsors to help me out." As for another series with the "Heart" cast, Bosco says: "Of course I would like to film this, the best would be to carry on the theme of food! (But isn't it boring seeing you paired with Tavia again?) So next time we should have a big swap around and Ha Yu should be paired with Fala and I will be paired with Susanna. (Why don't you choose Fala?) We have had rumours so it would be boring. I'd like a change even if it is with Linda!"

With the ratings peaking when Susanna's 'Sai Kai' divorced Ha Yu in the show on Thursday, even beating Dai Kai's death scene, this proves her popularity has risen a lot. She says happily: "I am really happy, although people scold me every day, I am still happy."

She indicates that she is not being scolded in the streets, but in the internet forum polls, where netizens will talk about every scene and say to her: "Sai Kai, stop it now! Sheung Joi Dak is tricking you, please return to Dai Bau!" She feels that it is rare for a series to attract viewers' concern in this way and it is down to several elements, including the script, the roles and the media coverage.

As for her episode even beating Si Kei's big scene, she says: "The opening is very important because it has caught the viewers' attention and the ratings keep getting better. (Are you hoping for a new record in the ratings?) I am confident, but as for how much, I hope we will be as good as 'Jewel in the Palace' and 'War and Beauty'."

In order to celebrate the ratings, Susanna and Ha Yu will be taking everyone out for dinner. Asked if she would like an award at the end of the year? She says: "I have not really thought about awards, I am already very good and for people to say I am performing well is already an award for me, so if I do receive one, then it will be a bonus. (Is this your representative piece?) I daren't claim it to be, because I am just a high school student when it comes to filming series. I can just say it was a very memorable production and I will continue to sing." As for the original cast being reunited, she is very supportive, but hopes that it will be a longer series as 40 episodes is too short.

Following the success of airing the finale to "Jewel in the Palace" in a shopping centre in the past, the malls of Hong Kong have been fighting for the right to air the finale to "Heart" in their precints on Friday. TVB sold these rights to the highest bidder and it was Tsuen Wan's Discovery Park that won. They will also be hosting a special abalone banquet in the centre to mark the occasion. Although they lost out, Hollywood Plaza will be airing some other episodes this week on a 250 inch screen and will also be holding some promotional events and lucky draws to win abalone prizes. With rumours on the internet that the show will have two endings, producer Lau Ka Ho denied this yesterday.

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